SEPANGUY celebrates its 50 years of existence !


Protected Areas: An Asset for the Guiana Shield

11th to 15th october

On this year 2014, SEPANGUY (Society for the Study, the Protection and the Sustainable Development of Nature in French Guiana) celebrates its 50 years of existence. On this occasion, one of our objectives is to develop a real cooperation between the protected areas in our Guiana shield ecoregion. So that the recognition of indigenous people and their actions, the conservation of this exceptional biodiversity and the services provided by the nature should strengthen our joint programs. In this approach, in cooperation with the Guiana Shield Facility ( supported by the UNDP), the Culture, Education and Environmental Council(Regional council), the WWF-Guianas, the Amazonian national park, the french Environmental ministry we organize an international symposium :

Protected Areas: An Asset for the Guiana Shield

It will be held from October 11th to 15th, 2014 in Cayenne, French Guiana and will adress the following thematics:

- Protected areas : management and conservation
- Protected areas : support to the research
- Protected areas : an local population’s governance
- Towards a network

With all the countries concerned, between the Orinoco and the Amazon we will decline on 3 days, these important topics which allow, during presentations in plenary conferences and workshops, to exchange on the various statuses of management and conservation of the Guiana shield protected areas, and share on our way of implementation towards the Aïchi targets (IUCN).